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Purchase Order Financing

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Purchase Order Financing

Improving Cash Flow to Drive Business Growth

Purchase Order FinancingPurchase order financing provides the ability to produce goods for your clients from your resources before you generate an invoice. It presents a short-term solution for funding the inventory that you need in order to complete sales transactions.

At Lendero, our funding options are ideal for you when seasonal sales fluctuations drain your working capital, growth outpaces available cash flow, or funding from existing reserves or trade credit is simply inadequate. It can be a solution to fuel your business, deliver your orders and grow your business.

Highlights and Benefits

Purchase order financing is not a loan. It pays your suppliers or gives them payment guarantees. At Lendero, we look at the finances of your customers to provide funding based on expectations of your future profits. Benefits and highlights this type of financing include:

  • Fund 100 percent of the cost of inventory
  • Obtain transactional credit lines of $500,000 to $50 million
  • Find an alternative to over advances
  • Solve cash flow problems
  • Ensure timely delivery to clients
  • Growth potential without increasing bank debt or selling equity

We offer financing to distributors, importers, manufacturers and assemblers by working in tandem with asset-based lenders, banks and turnaround consultants.

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