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Private Equity and Joint Venture Capital Financing

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Private Equity and Joint Venture Capital Financing

Private Equity and Joint Venture Capital

At Lendero, our private equity financing programs permit advance access to substantial measures of capital for your business, creating greater amounts in succeeding rounds of funding. In addition, private equity shareholders bring added credibility to the going-public transaction, and the reserves generated often produce strategic investors with follow-on funding to promote the growth of their portfolio companies.

private-equityIn essence, it removes pressure from going public sooner than desired by maximizing value over the long run. The capacity to prepare for adequate timing enables you to choose an area for the listing that creates the greatest attraction in terms of liquidity, valuation and access to capital.

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Diverse strategic collaborations and expertise in the private investment arena provide a broad investment portfolio, including management buyouts, leveraged buyouts and growth capital. A few of the points that our firm looks for in a potential investment include:

  • Ability to generate cash
  • Clearly defined exit strategy
  • Significant growth potential
  • Ability to create value
  • Solid management team

We have had remarkable success helping companies introduce equity or joint venture capital into their businesses through private equity financing.

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At Lendero, we have extensive relationships with many leading private equity investors. We utilize those networks to secure financing for our rapidly growing list of clients that possess the attributes that appeal to investors. Contact us today to learn how private equity financing can help your business expand.


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