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Mergers and Acquisition Financing

Commercial Financing
Mergers and Acquisition Financing

Expand Your Business With Acquisition Financing

mergers-acquisitionsLendero provides financing opportunities for strategic business mergers and acquisitions. Our team of professionals offers substantial expertise in structuring and regulating a comprehensive blend of transactions for large corporate or small businesses.

Overview of Customized Solutions

Acquisition financing can be used to refinance, acquire or purchase a business or franchise. Several eligibility factors include the past performance of the business, experience of the owner, and value of the business. Financing highlights and features include:

  • All ownership structures are considered, including public equity, venture capital and private equity
  • Short- and long-term funding is matched with short-and long-term assets
  • Flexible terms based on anticipated cash flow of combined businesses

After reviewing your objectives, cash flow and assets, we generate a customized financing solution with the proper mix of working capital and extended funding necessary to meet your business goals.

Finding the Right Fit

We can provide your business with the funding you need to expand through an acquisition or a merger. Our expedited business acquisition financing process is regulated to produce expert due diligence, underwriting and documentation. We can then analyze your unique situation, offer the right financing structure, and move you through the loan process quickly.

Let Us Help You

Take advantage of the chance to develop your business through acquisition financing with the support of Lendero. Contact us today to learn more about your options.


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