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Contract Financing

Contract Financing Solutions for Large-Dollar Commitments

Contract FinancingAs a small business owner, you may require working capital from locked-in customer contracts from time to time. Contract financing enables you to obtain immediate funds to fulfill and manage your other business obligations. If you need capital for day-to-day operations before payments begin on a contract, this type of financing can provide an advance on commitments before completing a service, but not necessarily before work is finished.

Qualification Highlights and Terms

Our unique approach to contract funding provides financing that is considerably less expensive than equity loans. It is a sensible solution for any business that qualifies for this option. We permit you to acquire the maximum amount of cash from your contract by monetizing one that you are currently negotiating or have already in place. Features and highlights include:

  • Customer investment or near investment grade
  • Service contract must have a component of equipment
  • Ideal for start-ups, expanding or merging companies
  • Minimum deal size $1 million
  • Not available for ongoing service maintenance contracts

We offer a highly flexible tool that provides numerous capital options to meet your business needs. The best fit is when the product or service being provided generates income, includes proprietary technologies or processes not readily available from others and saves a significant amount of money.

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