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New Types of Franchises on the Horizon

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New Types of Franchises on the Horizon

New Types of Franchises on the Horizon



As the face of American society changes, new types of franchises are going to surge in popularity. Many industries will likely be changing very rapidly over the next few decades. If you are just starting out on your franchising endeavor, looking into these opportunities could be very beneficial to your long-term success.


Parents today are becoming increasingly interested in sending their children to specialized private schools. They appreciate having options when choosing a school, including non-traditional schedules, teaching techniques and educational specialization. Opening private school franchises can be very personally rewarding in addition to being profitable because you have so many options to match your interests. Your school can focus on anything from engineering to dance to social justice and beyond. If you prefer to work less traditional hours, operating a driving school franchise or a test-prep center might be a better option for you.

Resale Stores

Many teens and young adults today are becoming less interested in shopping in traditional big box stores and more interested in the development of a sharing economy. Adult clothing resale franchises are popping up in shopping centers all over the country, as are baby consignment stores. These types of stores are valuable to many young adults, who like the idea of recycling under-used items and having the option to get quick cash whenever they need it.

IT Repair

Because technology is changing faster today than ever before, many companies are having trouble keeping up with all of the repairs required to keep their businesses running smoothly. Rather than paying full-time staff to maintain their computer systems and mobile devices, many small businesses are now opting to hire an IT repair franchise on an as-needed basis. As computers, printers and robotics become more varied and prevalent in the business world, specialized repair teams will become more essential in nearly every industry.


Senior citizens currently make up over 14% of the American population and this number is projected to grow consistently over the next few decades. As the population ages, businesses that cater to the needs of older people are going to become more popular. These companies range from home health care to medical device rentals to completing household chores. Franchises that build and operate senior living facilities will also become more necessary as the older generation’s health declines.

As America’s population profile continues to shift over the next few decades, so will their spending tendencies. Technological innovation will replace many jobs that are common today with new methods and industries. Make sure you take these changes into consideration before committing to a long-term franchise agreement or making a large investment. You’ll be glad you did!

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